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Concertify® is a service and data platform that brings speed, ease, accuracy and reliability to live performance reporting and communications.

Increase Transparency

In the increasingly complex world of collective music rights management, Concertify® turns digitalization from a challenge into an opportunity. Unlike the current rights management processes, Concertify® makes the interactions between stakeholders uniform and transparent, enabling non-linear shared workflows.

Concertify® allows the network of societies to serve their stakeholders better and provides the means to discover new operational and revenue generating models moving into the future.

Add Value


Optimized real-time access to data from all stakeholders increases the amount of licensing leads and the opportunity to obtain license revenue. Optimized processes significantly reduce the manual and duplicative work undertaken by PROs and CMOs. Further savings could be gained from netting payment exchanges.


Access to information provides the opportunity to more often license and pay royalties right first time and reducing the need for members’ queries and increased accuracy in payments. A single distributed database provides the opportunity to significantly increase the speed of information and royalty payment flow.


The service to all stakeholders is improved through increased transparency and trust that license fees are being paid to the creators of the music performed.

Empower Rights Owners

Concertify® realizes the critical changes that are necessary to keep the entire society network relevant in copyright management. Supported by modern digital tools and adding transparency and speeding the flow of comprehensive, fair compensation incentivizes the growth of creating, licensing and performing of musical works.  And helps strengthen an atmosphere of openness, creativity and sharing within the industry.

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Experiences with Concertify

We are excited to be working with Concertify alongside other societies on taking concert copyright management to a new level.  Implementing critical changes to live music reporting are necessary to not only to keep MLCS™ competitive in the new marketplace, but, frankly, to keep the entire society network relevant in this area.

Sami Valkonen, Director of International, 
PRS for Music

At Teosto, we’re always looking for ways to improve our services to music authors and publishers. Concertify started out as a result of Teosto’s innovation activities, and we believe that Concertify platform is a great tool for societies to increase transparency and speed, as well as ensuring the quality of data exchanged, in the internatio- nal live music transactions.

Risto Salminen, CEO, Teosto

IMRO is pleased to be working with Concertify to develop more efficient ways to expedite the payment of live concert royalties. At IMRO, we are datadriven, and digital to the core, our focus has always been on innovating to drive efficiencies for our members, affiliates, and partners. Concertify has the potential to become an essential tool in the advancement of live music reporting, distribution and interaction within the entire society network.

Seán Donegan, Commercial director Media Licensing, IMRO 

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